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Bijoya Bijoy Dashami: Dashami is the main event for the Bengalis. This last day is known as Bijoy Dashami. In this day Goddess Durga is being sent to Kailash along with her children Ganesh, Saraswati, Laxmi and Kartik, the residence of Shiva. In Bijoy Dashami with a heavy heart the Bengalis immerse (bisharjan) the clay idol of Durga in the sacred Ganges bidding her goodbye and earnestly waiting to see her again the next year. A branch is marked before the commencement of the Puja in Bijoy Dashami. This branch is then severed from the tree and tied to a mirror. The mirror is placed on a platter in such a way that the reflection of the devi is seen in the mirror. The important bathing ritual is performed in Bijoy Dashami symbolically by bathing the mirror with water.

In Bijoy Dashami our sastras depart the Goddess in number of ways. Worshipping Mother Nature, a primitive form of reverence is reflected in our Puja rituals. In Bijoy Dashami the Bodhon rituals Mahashakti is summoned to the bel tree. Many married women put vermillion that is sindur and they play with that basically they do sindur khela (vermillion game). Before they are taking the idol for immersion they play sindur khela in Bijoy Dashami. This entire day is known as Bijoy Dashami. Bengalis greet each other with bijoy dashami greetings and then men follow the customary Kolakuli (hug each other). Bengalis celebrate without religious actions in bijoy dashami which is the part of Durga Puja festival. Bijoy Dashami which is the part of Durga Puja is more related to social as well as cultural matters which tend to renew kinship with friends and relatives. People miss this day and wait for the chance to celebrate this day again.

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