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Durga Chalisa

There are chalisas that are available to help the worshippers with the worship procedures. There are hanuman chalisa, shiv chalisa; similarly, there is also the Durga chalisa. There is a forty line in a chalisa that depicts the significance and the other relevant details about the God who is being worshipped.

The forty lines in the Durga chalisa cover up the whole contribution of Goddess Durga in making her devotees to be free from there respective problems and difficulties. The Durga chalisa ultimately makes the worshipper to praise his Goddess.

The first two lines of the Durga chalisa depicts the glorious enlightenment of Goddess Durga that provides the similar unlimited light in the realms, i.e. Earth, Heaven and the world of dead. The next two lines of the Durga chalisa compare the face of Goddess Durga to a moon and express Her eyes to shine with a red glow with a disliking look for the victims. The fifth and sixth line says that Goddess Durga the mother of the devotees is always ready to ensure the welfare of Her devotees.

The other line of the Durga chalisa compares Goddess Durga to Maa Annapoorna who provides us with the food that we eat. The Durga Chalisa depicts the presence of Goddess Durga as Goddess Saraswati as well as Goddess Lakshmi who provides wisdom to the sages as well as the other devotees.

The Durga Chalisa deal with the various battles of Goddess Durga in Her different forms against different victims, such as, Shumbh, Nishumbh, Rakhtbeej, etc. the Durga Chalisa explains the whole story of the giant Mahisasur in the two lines and also explains in a wonderful manner that how Goddess Durga provided him Moksha by killing him Herself.

There fore, it may be concluded that the Durga Chalisa ultimately provides the worshipper a complete piece of mind and it also increases the depth of feeling for beloved Goddess Durga.

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