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Durga Puja Essentials, Essentials list of Durga Puja


The Essentials of Durga Puja:

Specific items are needed for each day of Durga Puja.

There is a detailed method of worshiping Goddess Durga that is mentioned in the scriptures.

Items that are needed for the ritual worship of the goddess should be collected beforehand so that the ritual is performed smoothly.

The list of essentials of Durga Puja are:

Items needed for Kalparambho, the ritual performed before the commencement of the puja and Mahasna:

• Panchashashya (grains of five types – rice, mung or whole green gram, til or sesame, mashkalai or any variety of whole black leguminous seed, job or millet),

• panchagobbo (five items obtained from the cow – milk, ghee or clarified butter, curd, cow dung, and gomutra ),

• several noibiddos (depending on the day of the Puja,

• madhupakka (a mixture of honey, curd, ghee, and sugar for oblation),

• Nabakalsh – Ushnodok (lukewarm water), coconut water, sarbooushodhi , mahaoushodhi, water from oceans, rainwater, spring water, water containing lotus pollen.

• panchabarner guri (powders of five different colours – turmeric, rice, Kusum flowers or red aabir, rice chaff or coconut fibre burnt for the dark colour, bel Patra or powdered

• panchapallab (leaves of five trees – mango, pakur or a species of fig, banyan, betal, and Joggodumur or fig),

• Pancha Ratna (five types of gems – gold, diamond, sapphire, ruby, and pearl),

• panchakoshay (bark of five trees – jaam, shimul, berela, kool, bokul powdered in equal portions and mixed with water), green coconut with stalk,

• Gamcha or a piece of cloth to cover the pot,

• tekatha or a triangular frame of wood,

• aashon (a mattress of jute or hay).

Items needed for the puja ( quantities may differ depending on the day of the puja)

• A stem of wood apple with fruits, (Kalagach)

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